01.04.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2016

MCA – MultiCameraArray

8k by 4k LED Wall at Lang AG booth during ISE 2016 showing content produced with the MCA system (Source: Lang AG)

The following article describes a system that precisely mounts several high resolution cameras to one stable array which enables production companies to capture high resolution panoramic content with nearly no parallax error. The current version of the so-called Multi Camera Array (MCA) uses between three and six RED Epic Dragon 6k Cameras. An additional real-time stitching software enables previewing the overall image of all cameras on site.

One of the most obvious trends in large-scale visual presentation technology is to add more pixels to a certain image area. In this article, a large-scaled screen refers to a screen which is larger in its size than standard screens (>150’’), often very wide and beyond any standard aspect ratio. Such screens are often described as walls, creating a panoramic impression, sometimes designed as curved walls which might even cover a full angle of 360°, increasing the immersive feeling of the viewer.

It is obvious that all of the technologies that are used, from recording or rendering to playout and finally displaying content, need to follow that lead and today most of them definitely do. This will be described in the next passage as a quick top-to-bottom overview.


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