01.04.2016 | Ausgabe 4/2016

Face the Future, Accept the Changes

(Bildquelle: © Shutterstock)

Within the fast changing and innovative digital age service providers, operators and carriers of video transport and contribution services are suffering huge challenges. There is the never-ending demand for rolling out new services and formats implementing huge bandwidth demands, e.g. ETH, VPN, UHD, HDR, HFR, the ability to scale with their business growth, to get their data in-synch with dynamic changes, handling all of their resources and services, and last not least the threat of future trends like SDN and NFV. The whole media industry is aware of the paradigm shift and nothing will be the same as it used to be. Having this in mind, upcoming investments are difficult to be taken, which technology is going to be supported in the years to come? Do operators have properly trained staff to handle the technology of the next generation? Are they able to keep up with the next wave of innovation?

The proper answer to this is to introduce the next generation of abstraction level for a Network Management System/Operation Support System (OSS) on the operational side. Innovative user Interfaces interact with any technology, any hardware and any service requirement by keeping the same frontend for the network operators.
Dimetis has developed a network management platform that delivers faster integration coupled with a higher level of automation for significant self-provisioning options and substantial cost-savings. Aimed to accommodate both broadcasters and telecom operators up to an enterprise level, Dimetis’ Cirrus platform comprises the company’s new Boss Service Catalog engine, and Boss Link Manager Cirrus cloud appliance.


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