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Catalonia: Canal Blau, La Xarxa and TV3 at Castellers Events

Quelle: jarcosa / istockphoto.com

ALONG THE SEASON from April to September, regional TV companies belonging to la Xarxa group filmed the Catalonian cultural events almost every weekend. The footage was to be shared with fellow regional broadcasters La Xarxa and TV3.

The three broadcast partners needed a solution that guaranteed the low latency transport of the action for live broadcast in news and current affairs programming. It was important that the solution could, with redundancy, transport high quality HD video over an FTTH network.

A castell is a human tower built traditionally at festivals  throughout Catalonia and the region of Valencia. Castells were first documented in 1712 and originated within Valls, Catalonia, near the city of Tarragona. Interest in castells grew in the 1960s and 1970s and in 2010, castells were declared a masterpiece of human heritage by UNESCO. In 2015 a festival hosted 99 groups of castellers, at which the tallest human tower was erected and safely dismantled, having 10 levels with four people in each level.

In the event happening in Sant Joan, 24th June, Canal Blau cameramen captured footage at Valls, Catalonia, Spain. This was contributed as RAW HD video using a TVU One mobile unit in combination with the TVU Grid solution over a FTTH network to La Xarxa HQ in Maternitat-Barcelona. In turn, La Xarxa used TVU Grid to transport this footage to TV3 and back to Canal Blau studio. A second unit in Valls edited footage at a mobile unit, which was also contributed to La Xarxa for Broadcasting purposes through all their different channels.

TVU One delivers high-definition picture quality withbandwidth efficiency all within a flexible, compact and rugged hardware design. Through weighing just 2 kilograms, TVU One ensures that outside broadcast cameramen are able to get the shots unencumbered by wires or heavy and bulky equipment. The solution enabled Canal Blau to contribute live video with the versatility of a small, lightweight, IP-based high-definition video field transmitter without  sacrificing performance, features or picture quality. From the middle of crowded Valls square where castells were build, they were able to rely on TVU One to transmit at >9  Mbps with 1 second delay.

TVU One has the one button operation used by the vendor for portable live video streaming transmitters. The system maximised ease of operation for Canal Blau cameramen  through requiring no in-field configuration and a boot-up time of less than 20 seconds.

The IP based video switching, routing and distribution solutions enable broadcasters to share a TVU One live video transmission with any other TVU Grid enabled station, operations center or physical location. The three broadcasters involved in the Valls Castellers project utilized the fully-integrated TVU One and TVU Grid solution to share both RAW HD video and a fully edited programme.



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