02.11.2018 | Ausgabe 11/2018

Agile Technical Specifications Forster Innovation by Companies large and small

Across the media and entertainment technology industry, there is a perception that SMPTE Standards are heavyweight and take a long time to create. The fact is that the standards-creation process within SMPTE is quite efficient and lightweight — until they get to the point of requiring 60 smart people to come together and agree on the minutiae of a standards document. That can take some time.

Back when most of the industry’s media processes were implemented with hardware-based systems, the triedand- tested approach of specifying in detail, upfront, prior to publishing the standard was appropriate. Before manufacturers  committed to getting a chip fabricated, they had to be confident that every little detail of the standard on which it was based was just right. Today, we live in a different world. Organisations build systems and products using software and agile processes with continuous incremental releases of new code. Within this dynamic and much faster-evolving environment, the conventional SMPTE standards process is unsurprisingly considered by some to be a poor fit or bloated.


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