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Outside Production Unit UHD1

Main production gallery of tpc UHD1 HDR OB truck fitted out with Imagine Communications IP solutions (interior) / image: tpc

When UHD1 had its first deployment in October 2018, tpc was the first media company to broadcast a sports event live with a fully IP-based OB truck and UHD-HDR functionality. The article highlights the planning and implementation process.

tpc is the leading broadcast service provider in Switzerland. It is part of the major public media business SRG SSR, and provides facilities to other production companies. The company is based in Zurich, where it is currently building a new News production and technology facility in the suburb of Leutschenbach.

As well as fixed facilities, tpc is an established provider of outside production units for sports, entertainment and cultural productions. Its flagship unit, HD1, was reaching the end of its commercial life, and the company identified the need to replace it.

HD1 was a 24-camera, highly specified unit, suitable  for a broad range of productions. It included sophisticated switching for multiple simultaneous outputs, and capacity for extensive live replays, including super-slomo and hyper-slo-mo.


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