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FKT Magazin 8-9/2016
Research & Development

Neue Technologien aus Fraunhofer-Instituten stellen sicher, dass dem Spaß in VR-Welten keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Wir brauchen Augen und Ohren, um die Welt um uns richtig wahrnehmen zu können. Das gleiche gilt auch für virtuelle Welten (VR): Sie überzeugen uns nur, wenn die Qualität von Bild und Ton gleichwertig ist.

New technologies from Fraunhofer laboratories are making sure that there is no limit to the fun in VR worlds. We need eyes and ears in order to properly perceive the world around us. The same is true for Virtual Realities (VR): They only convince us when the quality of both image and sound are up to par.

Convincing All-Round Panorama
When it comes to a realistic impression from an image, the researchers at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI have developed the right technology. At the heart of this technology is the OmniCam-†‡: It captures †‡ degree parallax-free panorama images. This means there are no breaks in the optics that let objects disappear into thin air. Instead of mounting various cameras back to back in a star-shaped configuration, the researchers use mirrors to arrange the ten cameras of the OmniCam-†‡ in such a way that they appear to be viewing the scene from the exact same point in space. This makes automatic post-processing without manual correction possible for the first time.

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