Extending the Life of Linear TV

FKT Magazin 4/2016
Television Technology

The imminent demise of traditional linear TV has been predicted for some time – but it is still very much with us. Yes, its ultimate decline is inevitable – but it is not going to happen as quickly as has been forecast. “Old school” TV still has plenty of miles left in the tank, especially if it can ensure it retains as much of its appeal as possible in a new world of time-shifted, go-anywhere, interactive entertainment.

That is a challenge that started to preoccupy us at Sixty around a decade ago. And: we thought we knew the answer. We saw a future where linear TV could embrace the interactivity that consumers do not just like – they expect it. More than that: they are looking for entertainment experiences that are unique to them. The problem was, in hindsight, that our ideas were before their time: they needed significantly more powerful technology than we had ten years ago.

Vital characteristics
Now, however, we have what we need – and our idea, which we call Ease Live, has become a reality. We knew that anything we might develop would need to have certain vital characteristics.


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