IBC Special 2017

in English language

FKT Magazin 8-9/2017

The third English-language special of this year, focussing on the International Broadcast Convention from the 14th - 19th September 2017 in Amsterdam.

editor-in-chief Angela Bünger

IBC at 50
Mike Crimp

Don't Let Yourself Get Disrupted
Michael Grotticelli

Al Brings Disruptive Data Intelligence to the Digital Media Marketplace
Dave Frederik

The Global TV Market is Ripe for Digital Disruption
Brian Morris

Enjoy VR and Beyond
Fraunhofer HHI

Realising Your Vision - Without Drowning in Colour Science
James Milne

Near-Live and Live-Streaming
Aspera Soft

Product Preview & Selected Events

You can download the IBC 2017 special here.

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