NAB Special 2018

FKT Magazin 4/2018

With the transition to IP becoming more and more imminent, many industry discussions today focus on how to best define processes and adapt workflows to make media organizations profit from the seemingly endless possibilites coming along with the use of COTS hardware in production, contribution and distribution. Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, HDR, targeted advertising, personalized content or simply “the cloud” — to name but a few buzzwords looming on the horizon for many decision makers in the field: What to address first? Which technologies to opt for? And how to know what formats will survive in the rollercoster ride of changing viewing habits?

The correct answer to the latter is simple: nobody knows. Change will be the constant companion of the broadcast industry in the years to come, as of many other industries struggling with the great speed at which new technologies come and go. That being said, the solutions we will see at NAB 2018 are expected to tackle the challenges we have today while giving a glimpse into the future. In this FKT NAB special we have summarized a few of them to give you a brief insight into some of the new products on display. In addition, a case study on eSports in China shows one of the potential new “playing fields” of the media industry in the future. For more information on this year‘s NAB in both English and German please visit

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