New Steps on VR Content Production

FKT Magazin 4/2016
Television Technology

Virtual Reality – the next big thing in our immersive world?! It seems like everybody known in the media industry is jumping onto the bandwagon. It seems like everybody known in the 3D environment is shifting to VR. Why so? Well, by nature VR is 3D and discussed throughout a lot of events and panels following the hype in late 2014 and 2015. However, it looks like it is also facing the same problems: compelling storytelling and the chicken-egg problem. If content is still king, are high-quality technology solutions once again the bottleneck?

It does not matter whether it is IFA Berlin, CES Las Vegas or Mobile World Congress Barcelona – the buzzword is VR and consumer electronics providing viewing solutions on mobile devices, smartphones to put in VR glasses, or accessories which aim at building a whole product world around the smartphone. VR 4D cinemas put up in big exhibition halls and lately even on the largest square in the city centre to show the end user the newest accessory of a big company’s smartphone.


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