Quality Monitoring as a Service

FKT Magazin 4/2016
Systems Engineering

As a typical software-as-a-service offering the online quality monitoring service referred to in this article provides its users with the relevant benefits of SaaS solutions. Thanks to accelerating the system implementation and eliminating maintenance expenses for the necessary IT infrastructure, the user is able to concentrate on his core business. In addition, the investment risk is reduced while the service costs depend on the actual service life and thus remain predictable and transparent. He continues to benefit from a flexible accessibility of stored data via Internet and web browser. In general, the dependance on the service provider, limited customization options due to standardized solutions and a latent data and transaction risk are considered to be disadvantagous when it comes to such online services. Regarding the latter, however, the risk can be minimized by means of appropriate encryption technology.

The problem regarding slower transmission speed can be avoided when storing metadata in the cloud due to the small amounts of data. Nevertheless, outsourcing tasks from the field of archive data editing to separate cloud services can be interesting. One prerequisite for this is that the bulk transmission of data can be handled economically and files are adequately protected. In addition, in the case of failure of the service provider, it must be ensured that the user is still granted access to his data. B2B applications in the media environment of broadcasters worldwide can be implemented successfully in private IP networks that are operated apart from the public internet. For this purpose, it is not mandatory to use expensive dark fiber.


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