A growing company

Live & file encoders for OTT & DVB, contribution, playout, origin server, Cloud DVR, DAI and CDN:   ATEME has extended its product lineup.

Over the past few years Ateme has added new cloud-native encoders such as TITAN Edge and TITAN Live to its offering. With the Acquisition of Anevia in 2020, ATEME can now provide a full end-to-end solution for Video Distribution including Origin Server, cDVR, DAI and CDN.
More and more customers are choosing ATEME as their partner of choice for their Video Delivery workflow.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Superior picture quality
  • Our flexibility to meet customer demands
  • Our award-winning engineering & innovation team
  • Our strong support group
  • A wide choice of financial models

As a result, ATEME is growing – in terms of both revenues and headcount

  • Public since 2014
  • Acquired Anevia in 2020/2021
  • Over 450 people in 20 countries
  • +50 people/year
  • 70.7 million Euros revenues in 2020
  • Profitable for over 10 years
  • 1000+ clients in 100 countries

And now offers an expanded product portfolio:


R&D is part of ATEME’s DNA. We invest heavily in it.

  • ATEME was founded 30 years ago by Michel Artières, a telecommunications engineer and the current CEO
  • >40% of people work in R&D, including a cloud team and an innovation team
  • We develop our own codecs,
  • We are active participants in various industry associations and standardization bodies


The results?

  • 50 patents
  • The BISS-CA protocol for real-time entitlement management, co-developed with the EBU (European Broadcasting Union)
  • Many awards
  • Numerous innovations, such as the AQI (ATEME Quality Index)


ATEME Quality Index (AQI)

Video quality metric developed to mimic the human visual system using a database of 10,000+ assets and advanced machine-learning techniques.

Available for live and VOD.

ATEME active member of:

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