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FKT (with RTM) is the scientific magazine for professional broadcast, film and electronic media in Europe. The range of technical articles comprises topics related to broadcast, film, video and audio technology, production and media management.

Interdisciplinary, hands-on reports from differentperspectives characterize this renowned publication.  FKT readers are chief engineers, technical managers,owners of technical businesses, engineers/technicians, developers/programmers,teachers/students, production/unitmanagers, producers and users of professional technology

Industry Insights

Sascha Prüter for Vewd

Previously, Mr. Prüter led Google’s product and engineering efforts for Android TV and worked directly with the smart TV OEMs, OTT providers and pay...


Thomas Valter For RTW

Valter said: “I  look  forward  to  taking  part  in  further  developing  and  strengthening  the  company’s  position  within  the  ever-changing ...


Producing live and remote

Combining Net Insight’s leading internet contribution platform, the Nimbra VA series, with Bambuser’s mobile live streaming platform is supposed to...


Genesix with OpenMedia

The partnership builds on previous work – such as the central broadcast hub and 24/7 channel set up in 2015 for the Swiss Medienhaus Chur – and...


Network Attached Processor for Broadcast IP

“The move to IP is causing many in the broadcast industry sleepless nights, particularly the challenge of integrating and controlling increasingly...


Esports Production at IBC 2018

ESL has worked with EVS to build the industry’s first in-game slow motion replay solution, as stated on their own account, which will be on display at...


MIST supports TSP 2121:2018 IMF Application DPP

With the aim to serve specific broadcast and OTT needs for the exchange of IMF (Interoperable Master Format) packages and the preparation of AS-11 X...


Building a 4.5G-Based Power Grid Network

The traditional VHF (30~300MHz) / UHF (300~3000MHz) narrowband discrete spectrum used in the energy industry cannot meet the requirements for power...


AI-driven subscriber intelligence platform launches at IBC 2018

Paywizard Singula was designed to draw on all available customer data so operators of all types can gain a full view of each subscriber at key stages...