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Commonality for the Delivery of Subtitling for IP-based Platforms

TTML subtitles are increasingly being adopted, including by standards bodies ARIB, ATSC, EBU, SMPTE, ISO/MPEG in the Common Media Application Format...


Interoperability testing and data sharing

Participants are supposed to:  

  • Participate in device-to-device interoperability testing and data sharing
  • Assess their devices using NFC Forum...

Euronews veröffentlicht neues Vertical “All Quotes” mit A.I

Der automatisierte Service existiert seit Januar 2017 und nutzt die Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technologie von Storyzy.

All Quotes ermöglicht...


IBC 2017: What EVS will showcase

IP4LIVE – guiding a smart transition to IP

At the show EVS’ IP-enabled UHD-4K flexible live production servers – the XT4K and XS4K – will be...


New reality in Amsterdam

VR Days is a celebration of Virtual and Augmented content, creativity and production taking place in five different venues across the city. Now in its...


Image Matters Partners with NGCodec

The highly connected C21 standalone carrier mates with Image Matters’ B20 FPGA module through Origami connector. The C21-B20 combination, a complete...


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