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Building a 4.5G-Based Power Grid Network

The traditional VHF (30~300MHz) / UHF (300~3000MHz) narrowband discrete spectrum used in the energy industry cannot meet the requirements for power...


AI-driven subscriber intelligence platform launches at IBC 2018

Paywizard Singula was designed to draw on all available customer data so operators of all types can gain a full view of each subscriber at key stages...


EclairBox Content Delivery Solution deployed in Denmark

EclairBox is a receiver solution enabling content download for cinema exhibitors via broadband  network. Any cinema can be equipped with available...


AI for personalized video content

The project follows a prototype developed on top of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform to leverage the emotional triggers of viewers to deliver...


Mixed Reality Tech Lab for workflow in live braodcast

Situated on stand 8.F40, White Light will use the Tech Lab to demonstrate the results of the company’s R&D and the benefits for creating flexible...


SDR in HDR in real-time at IBC 2018

The company announced to present *Smart AR Toolbox* [Instant LeARning], an augmented reality solution based on artificial intelligence. It processes...


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