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First Cinemascope Zoom for 16:9 Super35 and larger sensors

The lens gives flexibility and creative choices on set and during postproduction. The larger format and amount of pixels allows post effects like...


New approach for live productions

The LDX Series cameras with a direct IP interface on the camera itself enables live IP productions. The IP interface is available for the...


SMPTE releases DPROVE2 for SMPTE-DCP verification

In collaboration with its two business units — CinemaNext and Eclair - the company conducted the first wide-scale tests with DPROVE2, evaluating all...


Protection of National Emergency Communications

The FM and RDS measurement and monitoring functionality of the FlexMon FM02 help to monitor early warning messages and switch to the national EWR...


Digitization of European Parliament audio collections

The project is part of EPHA’s mission as they collect, process, preserve and make the documents available that are produced or received by the various...


4K encoder and streaming solutions

On display were the MGW Ace appliance and the MGW D265, a portable IP decoder. The MGW Ace appliance provides video quality with its bandwidth...


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