New IT-based tools for NASA at Johnson Space Center (JSC)

Expansion of 2013 media installation

As Dalet Digital Media Systems reported, NASA has expanded its Dalet installation, located at the Johnson Space Center (JSC). The expansion includes the addition of the IT-based Brio video server platform and Xtend, providing seamless integration with Adobe Premiere Pro non-linear editors (NLEs). These new tools integrate with the existing installation, which was implemented in 2013 and automates capture and archive of 10 SD/HD space station cameras, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Quelle: Dalet

Using Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro and Brio, NASA can facilitate the production and broadcast of daily and weekly NASA TV wrap programs, which feature a mix of space station activities and interviews. The expansion also supports live broadcasts of events held at the JSC to NASA TV, recording material direct to the archive.

Dalet search and retrieval tools let authorized staff access media archives and browse content while the Xtend for Adobe Premiere Pro connects editors directly to the central database for efficient show creation and metadata continuity. Finished packages are put into the rundown management module and distributed via Brio to the NASA TV channel, which broadcasts every weekday from the NASA Johnson Space Center control studio located in Houston, TX.




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