Jiangsu TV opts for eyevis video wall solution

News studio with rear projection cubes for Chinese broadcaster

One of China’s major broadcasters is using eyevis technology to deliver the news to millions of TV viewers from the heart of its new state-of-the art media centre.

Source: eyevis

The two video walls made up of a total of 48 eyevis 60-inch DLP rear projection cubes type EC-60-LHD-1000  are due to go live in the next few weeks at the Jiangsu TV studio in Nanjing.The cubes were installed in two video walls, in 6×4 and in 8×3 layouts. Both video walls will be used to deliver background content during broadcasts as well as showing live news feeds from outside broadcasts, media content and interviews with audiences and other guests.

eyevis DLP cubes are particularly suitable for video walls in TV studios thanks to their nearly zero-bezel design, which creates minimal spacing between cubes, and their non-reflective black bead screens, which provide a perfect balance of viewing angles and brightness levels. The LED cubes use Cluster-LED technology for the illumination of the projector. Sophisticated adjustment possibilities allow a precise configuration of the colour temperature which is mandatory for video walls in TV studios. To ensure stable representation of colours and brightness on all cubes in the video wall, the cubes feature an automatic colour adjustment method that aligns the display settings of all cubes to a uniform level.

Jiangsu TV was founded in 2001 and is part of the Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, one of the most influential media operators in China and is an internationally well-known media outlet incorporating comprehensive media services, such as television channels, radio frequencies, newspapers, magazines and Internet products.

Jiangsu’s 600 square metre media centre in Nanjing was designed to balance the five elements: fire, wood, metal, earth, and water, drawing inspiration from the Chinese notion that all material substances of the world are composed of these five prime building blocks.

The project was completed to a unique design to cater for the TV station’s requirements and the need to be able to cover emergency situations.

Jiangsu TV completed the project to help bring another dimension to its broadcasts and programme style, to further enhance its reputation for quality presentation and to increase audience ratings.

The eyevis installation was completed with the help of the design company Click Spring.