Canal Once Prepares for 4K/IP

Mexican broadcaster sets the stage for an IP transition with improved news production workflow

In a recent renovation of its news studio, Canal Once, the first public service television station in Latin America, installed a number of solutions from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, to streamline its news production workflow and prepare for 4K/IP production. The modernized studio is now the first of its kind in Latin America for a government-owned public channel.

Canal Once produces four daily newscasts Monday through Friday in addition to talk shows, educational programs, documentaries, recorded clips and kids programming. Canal Once upgraded its news studio with Grass Valley’s GV Stratus production asset management toolset, Edius editing software, Karrera K-Frame production switcher and the Kaleido-MX 4K ultra-high-definition multiviewer.

Preparing for the future with 4K and IP, Canal 11 selected Grass Valley’s Karrera K-Frame production switcher. Karrera is a modular, powerful and scalable switcher, reducing the complexity of today’s production workloads while providing the flexibility to meet future demands. With the addition of 4K 1-wire IP connectivity, Grass Valley is enabling production workflows in IP in either 4K/UHD or HD. The Tico 4K 1-wire implementation is ideal for production applications because it is visually lossless even after multiple codec passes, and it creates far less delay than other compression formats. The K-Frame video processing engine is ideally suited to transitional, hybrid IP/SDI environments, as it can handle IP and SDI video formats seamlessly. Kaleido-MX 4K is an ultra-high-definition multiviewer that can natively drive a 4K display for the most demanding monitoring applications.

Canal Once selected the equipment after working closely with Grass Valley’s reseller, Excelencia en Comunicaciones y Tecnologia S.A. de C.V.




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