QVC Adds Multi-Camera Control System to US Studio Operation

Global Video and e-commerce Retailer Continues Long-Term Relationship With Camera Support Manufacturer Shotoku Broadcast Systems

QVC has significantly increased its current camera control capabilities with the installation of a complete 32-camera control system driven by a large number of TR-QP panels and TR-XT control systems in its US broadcast facility. The system provides for all cameras to be directly controlled from each compact TR-QP via joystick or a number of key camera functions enabling QVC to change studio configurations rapidly.

This installation continues the global technical relationship between the two companies that began in 2008 at QVC’s UK broadcast centre and has since grown to every QVC location in the world.
QVC is known for providing consumers with thousands of beauty, fashion, jewelry and home products. Its programming is distributed to approximately 350 million homes worldwide through operations in the U.S., Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France and a joint venture in China. QVC is among the leading video and e-commerce retailers in all the markets in which it operates and continues to invest in its broadcast and digital platform experience.

Today, Shotoku has supplied robotic camera systems to all QVC’s international broadcast facilities and most recently upgraded its systems at the company’s US-based broadcast facility in West Chester, PA. In total, well over 70 robotic camera channels are now in operation at QVC studios throughout the world.  Every minute of every day, the systems are relied upon to work in the extremely demanding environment of QVC’s fast-paced and highly dynamic TV studio production.

Over the years, QVC has standardized on the manufacturer's TG-19 heavy duty Pan and Tilt head providing exceptional flexibility for use robotically or, at the press of a button, in manual mode.  The TG-19 supports payloads ranging from small ENG cameras and lenses to full-sized 66x studio lenses.  The heads are installed on a combination of existing QVC manual pedestals or new Shotoku TP-80 or TP-200 manual pedestals. Most of the camera systems in use across the world are also using the Ti-12 height drive system supporting remote control of the camera height, while allowing full manual use when necessary. The TR-T and TR-XT control systems used on all sites provide the operators with fingertip control of all the cameras and the confidence to adjust the camera position at any time, live on air, day after day.

All QVC studio operations are high energy and broadcast live, so reliability and resilience is always an absolute must.  


Cloud-Produktionen: Vom Zukunftsthema zur „State of the Art“-Technologie


LiveU treibt die Cloud-Revolution mit smarten Tools und Best Practices voran

Seit vielen Jahren schon reden die Visionäre der Videobranche von „Cloud-Produktionen“. Doch erst in den letzten Monaten finden Cloud-basierte Produktionstools verstärkte Anwendung. Die Coronapandemie und der damit einhergehende Ruf nach Remote Work und Kostenreduzierung haben den Siegeszug der virtuellen Videoverarbeitung zweifelsohne angetrieben. Nicht nur immer mehr Anwender nutzen die Cloud-Tools. Auch die technologischen Angebote selbst wurden immer vielgestaltiger, ausgereifter und einfacher zu bedienen. Branchenexperten dürfte es wenig überraschen, dass LiveU – Vorreiter auf dem Gebiet IP-basierten Videoproduktion und -übertragung – schon früh in die Entwicklung von Cloud-Technologien eingestiegen ist und heute eine Reihe von Lösungen im Portfolio hat, die sich bereits im Praxis-Einsatz bewährt haben.





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