Comprimato JPEG2000 Component Option for Vantage

Reduced Costs and Time Savings for Archiving, Edit Master and IMF Workflows

Comprimato, a unique JPEG2000 software codec is now available as a component option for Vantage systems operating on Lightspeed server hardware (both Telestream). The software codec accelerates the decoding and encoding of JPEG2000 based video, utilizing the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) power of the servers. The combined solution is suited for IMF deliveries to Netflix.

Source: Telestream

Source: Comprimato

With Comprimato’s JPEG 2000 technology integrated into Lightspeed, encoding and decoding occurs significantly faster than when using traditional CPU only techniques, thereby providing productivity gains with high image quality. Specifically, when decoding JPEG2000 contained in IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, a Vantage system with Comprimato JPEG2000 option can reduce overall workflow processing by around 20%. When encoding JPEG2000 into IMF, AS02 or MXF OP1a media files, the Vantage Comprimato combination reduces overall workflow processing time by up to 12 times.




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