NAB 2016: Long Range Anamorphic Zoom Lens

New addition to the Optimo anamorphic 2x Squeeze series

Complementary to the Optimo 56-152 A2S released in 2013, and the Optimo 30-72 A2S released in 2015, the Optimo 44-440 A2S is the new lens in the Optimo anamorphic 2x Squeeze series.

The creative virtues of anamorphic lenses have become important in the digital age where cinematographers are seeking a distinctive look to enrich their projects. In 2015, 40% of Top 100 Grossing Movies in the US have been shot in anamorphic (Imdb source). The Angénieux anamorphic zoom lenses add a dimensional character to the image with the traditional 2x squeeze, minimizing breathing and distortion by adopting a modern optical design.

The two short anamorphic zooms are based on Optimo lenses, with the cylindrical optical elements integrated in the rear part of the lens. Quality and agility derive from the short Optimo spherical zooms, which also make the lenses light-weight and compact. Developing a high magnification anamorphic zoom companion has been a major step in rounding out the company’s rear-anamorphic line up.

Complementary to a set of primes and to the short Optimo A2S zooms, the new 10x anamorphic zoom lens debuts speed and flexibility of the long range zoom.

The zoom lens features traditional 2x horizontal squeeze, minimum breathing and distortion, and an aperture of T:4.5 across the zoom range. It has a close focus of 4ft 1in (1.24m), and weighs 16.6 lbs (7.55kg). The 44-440 Optimo A2S creates an image that combines a controlled background with a dimensional foreground.

The A2S lenses blend well with the anamorphic prime lenses on the market. Their mount design allows a quick swap between PL and PV mounts; the focus scale ring can also be switched from feet to meters. The 44440 Optimo A2S features built-in encoders provide metadata (focus, zoom,T-stop) via the industry standard interface developed by Cooke. 




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