SMPTE releases DPROVE2 for SMPTE-DCP verification

First wide-scale DPROVE2 testing to simplify SMPTE-DCP distribution

Ymagis Group has used SMPTE's Digital PROjection VErifier to simplify and accelerate adoption of the SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (SMPTE-DCP).

Source: SMPTE

In collaboration with its two business units — CinemaNext and Eclair - the company conducted the first wide-scale tests with DPROVE2, evaluating all screens in its network. DPROVE2 allows exhibitors to test their digital cinema systems' functionality. The Society is planning additional test materials to support evaluation and refinement of installed digital cinema systems.

Developed primarily to check for digital projector performance, alignment, and picture-sound synchronization in theaters, DPROVE is derived from the SMPTE RP 428-6. The RP 428-6 sequences include traditional countdown numerals in front of a "clock arm" that rotates, with the position incremented on each frame. 

The background image contains a large number of elements to aid in verifying projection performance and alignment. These features include center and crop markers, focus stars, gradients for detecting contouring, gamma check, black and white references, and left-right indicators for stereo (3D) imagery. 

The DPROVE2 supports SMPTE-DCP with capabilities for sound channel IDs and routing, and features such as closed-captioning/subtitling, 3D subtitles/captions, and picture-sound synchronization. DPROVE2 is an encrypted DCP that emulates actual movie playback.




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