New approach for live productions

Grass Valley introduces Direct IP Camera Solution

Broadcasters use IP networks with a large bandwidth. Grass Valley wants to integrate cameras to produce live programming across networks.

The LDX Series cameras with a direct IP interface on the camera itself enables live IP productions. The IP interface is available for the XF-Transmission on the LDX Series and LDX 86 Series cameras through an eLicense software upgrade.

With the IP interface, broadcasters are able to connect LDX Series cameras directly to commercial-off-the-shelf switches on an IP network, transporting the camera protocol through the network to the XCU base stations connected to another switch. The system enables control of the cameras through a centralized control room. Broadcasters can capture events with no OB van required and can transmit protocols between the cameras and XCUs over a network. Producers are then able manage multiple locations from a central studio.

By connecting LDX Series cameras through the XCU Universe XF or XCU HD/4K XF IP base station to a 10 GigE IP network, cameras can be attached to XCU. NEP The Netherlands is the first customer to use this feature. The group launched its IP-video production platform Cloud Production in October 2015, and has produced live multi-camera programs. With the centralized approach of Cloud Production, only the essential equipment such as cameras, microphones and crew members are needed on location. The rest is centralized in a data center.




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