Next Generation Broadcast Technology for Kids

Al Jazeera Installs Atem Live Production Workflow In Partnership With KidZania London

Al Jazeera Media Network and KidZania look to inspire the next generation of aspiring broadcast talent with a purpose built television studio as part of KidZania London. The optical fiber based multicam 4K studio workflow features broadcast infrastructure from Blackmagic Design.

KidZania has more than 23 locations worldwide and is a mini city designed for children, where they can choose to experience one of more than 60 different professions. Developed to both entertain and educate, KidZania partners with leading brands. As broadcast partner in London, Al Jazeera Media Network has built a replica studio and developed a series of training modules that children can undertake.

The studio is made up of three distinct components, all largely operated by children, under the supervision of KidZania staff: the studio floor where the presenter delivers a five minute news cast to three camera heads; a production gallery where children can take control of various aspects of the production process; and a color separation overlay (CSO) or green screen setup.  

On the studio floor are three Blackmagic Studio Camera 4Ks providing a live feed over optical fiber, which is run via an Atem Studio Converter and patched via SDI into a Smart Videohub 12x12 video router. The same optical fiber provides talkback and tally, with each camera operator having their own set of noise canceling headsets, enabling them to take direction from the gallery. 




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