Live Mobile HD Broadcast Quality

Demonstration of Turkcell and Ericsson at Istanbul basketball derby

Ericsson and Turkcell have delivered the first immersive live streaming mobile experience over LTE Broadcast in Turkey. This took place during a derby between Fenerbahce and Galatasaray Odeabank, two of Istanbul's biggest basketball teams.

Source: Ericsson

This demonstration was part of Turkcell's deployment of Ericsson's LTE Broadcast solution and highlighted the strength of the solution to power HD video streams of the match from four different angles to mobile devices. The stream was delivered over Turkcell's LTE network to viewers in the basketball arena. It adds a new dimension to the live sports experience, matching the viewing quality and real-time action of the live game.

As part of the commercial agreement, Ericsson's LTE Broadcast solution replaces unicast content delivery with a single-frequency network broadcast mode to deliver content concurrently to devices, better utilizing the available spectrum and ensuring a broadcast-quality experience across LTE networks. LTE Broadcast combines Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Services (eMBMS) with HEVC compression technology and MPEG-DASH to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of delivering video to consumers when, and how they demand it. LTE Broadcast can be used in live streaming, as well as most popular types of media delivery including OTT.




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