Increased Versatility with 2wcom

Denmark’s SkalaFM and RadioVLR

Denmark’s SkalaFM and RadioVLR have installed 2wcom’s CO2 RDS Encoders to enable the use of alternative PI codes, and switching to alternative frequencies for news and commercial breaks.

Morten Petersen, Technical Manager at of SkalaFM (Quelle: 2wcom Systems)

SkalaFM and RadioVLR are both part of the Jyske Fynske Medier group which owns more than 70 newspapers and operates five radio stations serving a nationwide audience of over 700,000.

“By upgrading our infrastructure with 2wcom’s CO2 RDS Encoders we can achieve a much more dynamic operation with the versatility that comes from using multiple frequencies, and greater efficiency,” said Morten Petersen, Technical Manager at of SkalaFM.

2wcom’s C02 RDS Encoders, sold and installed at Skala FM and RadioVLR by FM Partners, offer radio broadcasters the full range of features needed for any kind of RDS implementation. Compliant with CENELEC and UECP, it supports EON, TMC, ODA, and RT+ data. With its capacity for eight different RDS configurations, it can easily handle both national and regionalised programs.

Multiple ports allow remote control via RS-232 or by IP, and the ARCOS configuration software makes it easy to set up monitor and control, while the ability to save and archive data is important for performance verification and testing. 




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