Private and Mobile TV Stations Turn to Stryme

Made in Austria. Used in Austria.

Stryme the internationally successful broadcast solutions expert has reached yet another milestone.

True to its motto “simplify your workflow”, Stryme has recently optimized and simplified the entire program planning, complete with ingest and playout system as well as graphics design for two key private Austrian broadcasters – ATV and 3MobileTV – using its innovative Genesix VideoServer V6.

While the two private broadcasters could hardly be more different from each other, they both required an efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to step up their program management.

3MobileTV, part of Hutchison Drei Austria, the third strongest market contributor with over 3.8 million customers, aimed at transferring its externally produced channel ‘3Live’ into an in-house production. Stryme was challenged to simplify the product range, playlist programming and playout, and incorporate the right graphics solution in music clips.

The programming workflow was thus reduced to a few simple steps. For example, music clips are simply copied to the Genesix VideoServer and are used to create playlists. Their playout, including logo and graphics, takes place at a predetermined time, using an SDI and H.264 transport stream.

3MobileTV then internally transmits the signal to its customers’ mobile devices. ATV required a proven hardware and software solution with maximum compatibility to run its studio, facilitate live coverage, news and sports broadcasts, and support the final countrywide transition to HD. In the light of future and changing viewer needs, Stryme also simplified the use of live recordings of news and sport programs for archiving and online viewing via ATV’s ‘Mediathek’.

To meet the specific requirements, Stryme put its new generation Genesix VideoServer V6 with a technically advanced HD support feature to use. Genesix is a sophisticated, all-in-one failsafe solution that ensures broadcasting around-the-clock without the major costs and overheads of a traditional broadcast system.

The system gave ATV a high degree of flexibility and ensured both, a smooth transition to HD and simple integration into existing processes. ATV programmers now benefit from more reliability, speed and ease of use. 




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