Peter MacAvock Elected

DVB Steering Board with New Chairman

The DVB is pleased to announce that Peter MacAvock (EBU) has been elected to the role of DVB Chairman. At the 83rd meeting of the Steering Board, Peter was chosen to take over from Phil Laven who has served in the position since 2008.

Peter MacAvock, was DVB Executive Director for 14 years before taking his current position of Head of Delivery, Platforms and Services at EBU Technology & Innovation.

Peter takes over at an exciting time for DVB as it engages in the ongoing development of UHDTV with decisions on HDR, HFR and Next Generation Audio; future transmission systems; Study Mission Groups on Virtual Reality; amongst others. With the rising importance of OTT, Hybrid TV, and other methods of delivery, the DVB environment is changing, and DVB will adapt to meet the new challenges the TV industry is currently facing.

Commenting on his appointment, Peter MacAvock said, “I look forward to the challenges ahead. Chairing DVB is a huge honor, and it remains at the center of the way we do TV. DVB needs to stand on the shoulders of its past successes to prepare for an exciting future: no small challenge in today’s ever changing environment.” 




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