More than 160 Cameras

Beyond the Limits of a Truck

For the second year running, Axon Digital Design's Cerebrum control and monitoring system played a key part in helping CTV Outside Broadcast deliver the prestigious 145th Open Golf Championship held at Royal Troon Golf Club in Scotland.

This year’s tournament involved a change of broadcasters with the R&A appointing European Tour Productions (ETP) as host broadcaster, plus Sky Sports and NBC Sports. “In previous years we used OB trucks to deliver the live feed, but this year the scale of the facilities required was beyond the limits of a truck so instead we built a temporary broadcast centre with a main production gallery, a main submix and a super-iso/replay room for ETP’s world feed,” said Richard Morton, CTV’s Engineer in Charge.


With more than 160 cameras on site, CTV had to monitor over 1,000 pictures at any one time. The task was so large that it required the installation of two Cerebrum systems – one for ETP and one for NBC Sports. These controlled two SAM hybrid routers, two large Calrec audio matrices, 22 Lawo V-Pro boxes, over 80 Evertz VIPs and two very large GV K-Frame switchers.

The systems also handled feeds to numerous CTV OB trucks looking after other broadcasters. Morton explained, “Cerebrum's advanced functionality and broad range of features simplifies multi device control, making it very simple for multiple engineers to operate the system and give clients everything they asked for in a very short timeframe.”

For this year’s Open, Axon also supplied 40 CCP-4200B panels with 42 high density buttons, which were specifically designed for CTV. “These were fantastic because they allowed us to maximize the button density in our technical real estate,” Morton said. “We had over 150 EVS record channels running continuously, but with these panels our EVS operators could select every shot and every camera angle very quickly.” 




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