AIMS at IBC2016

IP Interoperability Zone

The largest and most comprehensive showing of IP interoperability in the broadcast industry will take place at IBC2016 in the IP Interoperability Zone presented by AIMS and the IABM.

The showing follows a number of interoperability events that have taken place this year, most notably the event hosted the week of 22 August at the Fox Network Center near Houston, where over 70 technical experts from over 30 companies successfully validated cross-vendor interoperability over IP.

The Houston event, sponsored by VSF and AMWA was a preparatory event for the inaugural IBC feature: the IBC IP Interoperability Zone, showcasing this technically verified, cross-vendor interoperability. The Houston event was the largest of its kind ever conducted and speaks to the broad support and unity in the industry towards a common set of protocols for IP interoperability.

In addition to the Houston event, there have been multiple other technical qualifying interop events that have been conducted this year by not only AMWA and the VSF, but also SMPTE and AES, all which feed the Joint-Interoperability demonstration within the IBC IP Interoperability Zone making this zone the largest display of IP interoperability our industry has ever seen.

The joint-interoperability demonstration, which is being brought to IBC by AIMS and the IABM, showcases technologies developed by six leading technical organizations including AES, AMWA, EBU, JT-NM, SMPTE and VSF, again demonstrating the alignment and unity of the industry towards IP.

About the Alliance of IP Media Solutions

The Alliance of IP Media Solutions (AIMS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the education, awareness and promotion of industry standards for the transmission of video, audio and ancillary information over an IP infrastructure, as well as products based on those standards. The group represents the interests of both broadcast and media companies and technology suppliers that share a commitment to facilitating the industry's transition from SDI to IP through industry standards and interoperable solutions that enable the rapid evolution to open, agile and versatile production environments.interoperability. 




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