Wideband Transmit and Reception Solution

Work Microwave Launches a New Demodulator

Using the end-to-end DVB-S2X wideband solution, satellite operators can run links with less back off and higher power, boost statmux efficiency, and maximize throughput.

Work Microwave, a leading European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, announced a new single-carrier Wideband Demodulator that, when combined with the company's Broadcast Modulator, provides satellite operators with one of the first end-to-end wideband transmission and reception solutions.

Single-carrier operation mode for the Wideband Broadcast Modulator and Demodulator is based on the DVB-S2X standard, allowing the most efficient statistical multiplexing of different services and transmission over high-throughput satellite transponders with guaranteed power efficiency. Ideal for next-generation, high-speed IP-based broadcast and broadband access applications in Ka-, Ku-, Q-, and V-band satellite systems, the end-to-end wideband solution enables symbol rates of up to 500 Msps.

Based on a powerful architecture that supports the current DVB-S2 and next-generation DVB-S2X standards, WORK Microwave's Wideband Broadcast Modulator and Demodulator provide users with a future-proof solution and the flexibility to support both TS and IP transmission.

Advanced features and benefits include higher modulation schemes up to 256APSK, lower roll-offs of down to 5 percent, a super-frame time approach, a slicing scheme to improve flexibility and robustness in very low SNR conditions (down to -10 dB), as well as pre-distortion and ACM for increased elasticity and efficiency under bad weather conditions.

"The DVB-S2X standard dramatically improves upon statistical multiplexing techniques for distribution of broadcast and IP services, along with offering increased power efficiency for single-carrier, power-limited satellite transponders in the Ku-, Ka-, Q-, and V-bands," said Günter Prokoph, CTO.

"Ahead of the competition, we now offer a complete wideband modulation and demodulation solution for high-throughput satellite applications. Not only is our solution flexible, it's future-proof and efficient, easing the burden of broadband and broadcast distribution on satellite operators so that they can explore revenue-generating opportunities like Ultra HD."





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