LiveTouch - Instant Highlights with Post Production

Easy to Learn and Fast to Use

LiveTouch is a scalable sports highlights system that makes highlights and instant replay workflows fast and effortless.

The intuitive touch screen panel is quick to learn and easy to use, making highlights selection sure, simple and robust. LiveTouch can scale to meet HD and UHD productions of any size.

It is easily configurable to support large events and multiple studio productions. Uniquely, LiveTouch supports integrated editing with no delays due to media movement and without the cost of duplicating recordings or storage. Highlights packages get to air faster, and system design is dramatically simplified.

LiveTouch 4K is SAM's UHD sports replay and highlights system. The LiveTouch server and dedicated control panel enable instant shot selection and highlights sharing with 4K content. LiveTouch is the only system to truly bring your HD replay and production workflows into 4K. The LiveTouch interface was designed for the user, by the user. Operators can mark interest points, create clips and play content to air with live speed control.

LiveTouch provides fast navigation, on-air playlist editing and easy search and sharing tools. A unique multicam interface provides fast, easy access to all camera angles in live productions.






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