Quintech Electronics Elevates Executive Team in Europe

Rainer Lorger and Oliver Herzberger Named Co-Managing Directors

Quintech Electronics & Communications and DEV Systemtechnik are pleased to announce the promotions of Mr. Rainer Lorger and Mr. Oliver Herzberger each to the position of co-Managing Director for DEV Systemtechnik.

Together, they will guide the company, with Mr. Lorger focusing on administrative and sales functions, while Mr. Herzberger will head up the engineering and technology responsibilities. Mr. Herzberger has been with DEV since 1998 and Mr. Lorger joined in 2009. The co-Managing Directors possess a familiar and focused understanding of the goals and direction of the company and will provide the leadership necessary to serve and grow the satellite and telecommunications industry businesses of DEV Systemtechnik.

Quintech Electronics Chairman and CEO, Mr. Dan Prushnok commented, “Our entire organization is pleased to fill the positions of Managing Director to steer the course of our Company now and into the future. Both Oliver and Rainer possess the skills and understanding to grow our vision, and realize corporate goals to achieve the superior results and solutions required of our customers. They will work closely with their colleagues at Quintech and our entire organization is pleased with their acceptance of these roles. We view this as a great step forward for the organization.”





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