ANNOVA and Zetta Cloud against fake news

ANNOVA and Zetta Cloud join forces to tackle fake news propagation in the storytelling process

ANNOVA Systems, provider of leading planning and newsroom computer system OpenMedia, and Zetta Cloud, specialists in artificial intelligence solutions for digital news, have collaborated with the goal of providing journalists with origin and trustworthiness metrics for online information in the news gathering process.

The 2016 US presidential elections, 2016 Brexit vote, 2017 French presidential elections, 2017 German presidential elections the influence of fake news on the democratic debate is growing and, unfortunately, this trend is likely to stay. It is a global issue that must be addressed on all fronts: better journalist training, collaborative approaches to spot fakes news, slowing down the spread of unconfirmed reports on social media, etc.

Bringing together ANNOVA’s expertise in editorial workflows and Zetta Cloud’s Digital Intelligence algorithms (recently boosted by a Google Digital News Initiative grant), the collaboration between the two companies aims to help journalists identify suspicious content before they use it as a source in their own story-creation process.

The system they developed takes each piece of online news content that is ingested into the OpenMedia system, such as RSS feeds or tweets, and automatically analyses it with the TrustServista algorithm. Journalists then get a real-time clear traffic-light indicator on the trustworthiness of each news piece directly in the OpenMedia user interface, as well as detail on the factors influencing the total “trust score”: the origin of the information called “patient zero”, clear identification of the author, clear context setting (who/when/where), sentiment (positive, negative or neutral), etc.

„This innovative approach is a first in the industry and we have received excellent feedback from visitors at the NAB show,” says ANNOVA CEO Michael Schueller. “News directors and journalists are very excited to be given the information in real time, when they need it.”

"ZettaCloud has been a great technical partner in preparation for the tradeshow,” says Hubert Guillemain, the solution architect at ANNOVA. “The support from the R&D team was excellent, and the cloud-based REST-API service is very reliable. I’m looking forward to building new integrations with TrustServista in the future”.

The current integration focuses on the analysis of external content that have a URL, such as RSS feeds or tweets. The platform will soon be extended so that any piece of raw text can be ingested and analysed, including agency wires or external stories. English is the only language being supported at the moment but support for German, French, Arabic and Persian will be added in the future.

“This partnership is great opportunity for Zetta Cloud to bring the latest technology innovations to established media companies with the support of a strong technology partner with extensive domain expertise: ANNOVA Systems. The adoption of an Artificial Intelligence-powered software such as TrustServista in the media industry will become easier when integrated with the all-round best-of-breed OpenMedia solution”, says George Bara, Zetta Cloud co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer.

Zetta Cloud was established in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s “Silicon Valley” and an ideal habitat for fostering technology talent and innovation. The company was built around its founders’ goal to deliver digital information in a user-friendly way and establish a paradigm of digital content consumption that goes beyond the status quo. Zetta Cloud’s offering focuses on Artificial Intelligence- powered software solutions and intelligent data analytics services.

Zetta Cloud became a relevant player in the digital news and data analytics space in 2016, after winning a grant from Google DNI, used to build the world’s first software platform that can determine the origin and trustworthiness of online news. The project – TrustServista – was released in February 2017.




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