Intertwining Storytelling & Tech

Early Bird Tickts for Changing the Picture 2017 available

On November 09-10th 2017, Storytelling and Tech will be intertwined for the 5th time in Germany’s capital region at the renowned Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam.

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International speakers can be followed in keynotes and panel sessions and participants can take part in Master Classes over the course of a 2-day program. Early Bird Tickets are now available.

Program Preview

Conference Day, November 9, 2017


Intertwining Storytelling and Technology is changing film and TV. Not only in Production, Distribution and business models. It is also a question of the approach offilmmakers addressing a changing world and society. The Keynote of CTPiX2017 islooking behind storytelling and tech and focusses on: how is the storyteller of today acting in a digital world?

The new digital ecosystem

The Digital Ecosystem of today – what is it and how is it working? Intertwining modern storytelling, linked production, distribution on different platforms, targeting markets and audiences with backchannels, thinking the newest technologies like VR/MR. Producers, Creatives, Broadcasters and Platforms brings the big picture and discuss change management in every field of the digital ecosystem.

Fireside chat: How to produce for the digital ecosystem

German producers still rely on the specific regional system of financing and producing Film and TV. As we learned how the Digital Ecosystem works internationally – what are the experiences of German storytellers by trying to be part of that Ecosystem. A Fireside Chat focussing on the serial drama Deutschland 83/86/89 and its cooperation with Broadcasters and Platforms.

Keynote: Future things about Tech

The media industry is easily hypnotised by technology innovations that directly relate to the audio-visual image – such as ones around quality, platform or consumption device. But it is now consumers who are driving change in the media sector - and all they care about is getting premium content and great storytelling as quickly and easily as possible. In this thought-provoking presentation Mark Harrison draws upon the DPP’s insight into both consumer and professional technology to look at key technology trends through the eyes of the consumer. And the picture that emerges is surprising.   The

DoP Discussion: Storytelling & Tech in the picture – the future of digital photography

The demand for both tech and quality is extremely high in storytelling today. Audiences want more drama, more action, more production value from DoPs, and real and virtual pictures are merging in a way not to be distinguishable for the audience. What does this mean for cinematography today, and in the future? What role does the cinematic language of the camera play in storytelling? What are the new technologies enabling DoPs to extend their creative grammar?

Showcase VR & Film: The wonder buffalo

Filmmakers are still wondering how to integrate the new technology of Virtual Reality in telling stories. Wonder Buffalo is a film project that is both a movie and an immersive, virtual reality experience. The Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California awarded Berg and Shterenberg with its 2016 Innovative Technology award for Wonder Buffalo. This production was featured at SXSW in March of this year.

Master Classes, November 10, 2017

Masterclass with Christine T. Berg on VR & FILM

In this new frontier of Virtual Reality the hype can fizzle if the audience is disconnected from the the story. VR developers filmmakers need to adjust to VR’s limits in storytelling if they want to participate in this new medium. If we are not open to storytelling driving the technology we are at risk of losing the audience. It seems now most of the audience is tech driven as they are the vendors and developers of this new tool in storytelling and experience. But take a step back and be honest: were you driven by the technology or the story? This Masterclass shares a filmmakers experience that was given the opportunity to create a VR production based from a story that was written for a live action film, financed by top American studios including ABC Disney, NBC Universal.

Masterclass with Drew Diamond on Smart Production & Workflows

As a producer you have heard it a million times: fast, cheap, good - pick any two. This masterclass surveys the modern state of film production to understand how smart workflows and innovative pipelines can facilitate getting all three on your next project. The class focuses on what collaborative tools, applications, and new practices are being implemented on films ranging from low budget indie features to Hollywood studio productions. Additionally, we illuminate the pitfalls that can occur when forcing new technology into the already streamlined and heavily ingrained behavior of a film crew regardless of whether they are union or non-union. The class will discuss learnings from R&D tests with studio/vendor partners (Disney, Universal, Warner Bros, Sony, Technicolor, Google, Amazon). These case studies will focus on the role of metadata management, HDR capture and deliverables, cloud based workflows, incorporating transmedia productions (AR/VR), & remote collaborations.




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