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RED announces their first smartphone featuring a holographic display

The high-end cinema camera distributor RED is releasing their Hydrogen One in 2018 allowing holographic multi-view without glasses or headset needed. It will be able to integrate into the RED camera program as well as an own RED channel. Current release date is the beginning of 2018 with a price of about $1200 for the Aluminium version.

The Hydrogen One is a standalone, full-featured, unlocked multi-band smartphone allowing personal communication, information gathering, image capture, holographic multi-view without glasses or headset needed.

Multi-dimensional content screened on a 5.7” hydrogen holographic display is promised as well as nanotechnology that switches between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content, 3D content and interactive games in both landscape and portrait mode. AR, VR and MR are supposed to be supported in the same way.

“There is no good way to describe it until you see it”, stated RED-founder Jim Jennard who explained the sudden entry of the branch of industry with “make something significantly better and you have a reason to be.”

Nevertheless, technical details have barely been announced. RED stated the smartphone will feature a USB-C cable, a SD card slot  and is supposed to be the foundation of a future multi-dimensional media system. The Hydrogen system incorporates a new high-speed data bus to enable a comprehensive and ever-expanding modular component system, which will include future attachments for shooting higher quality motion and still images as well as Hydrogen format holographic images. The Hydrogen One is supposed to integrate into the professional RED camera program, working together with Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon as a user interface and monitor. The own RED Channel is supposed to unite all 4-View-holographic content with the user able to create .h4v content or convert 3D to .h4v and able to upload, download and stream.





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