Meeting the demand for live sports videos

Grass Valley Equips CAMCAT-Systems with LDX C86N Compact Series Cameras

The new LDX C86N camera features fully native HD/3G/4K with optional HiSpeed, XtremeSpeed and HDR capability

Source: Grass Valley

CAMCATSystems GmbH, manufacturer and service provider for remote controlled cable car camera systems for live broadcast and film productions, said to know about the importance of a versatile high-quality camera. The company worked closely in partnership with ON-AIR Broadcast & Multimedia Solutions GmbH, the Austrian Channel Partner for Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, selecting the LDX C86N Compact Series Camera to meet the growing demand for live sports video footage. This camera is supposed to deliver high-quality imagery and the business flexibility for all applications where a compact form factor is required.

“Especially in our business, we rely on small size and lightweight compact cameras which fit into a size-weight optimized gimbal to capture shots that enhance the program and complement more traditional sideline angles,” said Alexander Brozek, managing director of CAMCAT-Systems GmbH. “Grass Valley’s LDX C86N camera offers the same top performance as large studio camera heads without compromising on quality, with versatile features and upgrades based on our specific needs and the ability to capture high-quality footage.”

Launched at NAB 2017, the LDX C86N features three native UHD 2/3” imagers and utilizes DPMUltra (an enhancement to Grass Valley’s Dynamic Pixel Management) to manage the acquisition format and capture high-quality native HD/3G/4K images from anywhere. With the addition of BT.2020 wide color gamut support and optional HDR support, these cameras are supposed to provide a solution for all HD/3G/4K applications.

When combining the footage into a cohesive program, the LDX C86N Compact Series is fully compatible with the LDX 82, LDX 86 and LDX 86N Series cameras to match in color reproduction and wide-gamut acquisition.

Greg de Bressac, director of channel sales, EMEA, Grass Valley said: “The LDX C86N Compact Series offers all the features needed for the fast-paced, widelywatched events that CAMCAT-Systems captures.”




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