Teletext Viewer App for greenMachine

Lynx Technik and Stream Engineering Co-Develop

Lynx Technik AG announced that it has teamed up with Stream Engineering to launch a Teletext Viewer App for the greenMachine platform. Designed specifically for the platform, it permits selectable Teletext content within video streams to be viewed in any greenGUITM software application that is connected to greenMachine hardware.

Launched with teletext standards for Europe and Australia, the new Teletext Viewer App provides broadcasters with a tool to remotely monitor any page or sub-page of teletext data contained within a video stream. It also provides the features to control real-time data such as subtitles. This Teletext solution will enable broadcasters to handle transmission and monitoring of World System Teletext (WST), the standard for teletext throughout Europe, S2031 WST for DVB/SCTE VBI data and OP-47 subtitles for Free TV in Australia. The APP supports teletext up to Level 1.5.

This App was designed by J. Albrecht of Stream Engineering. Additional Apps are under development between Lynx Technik and Stream Engineering, including a metadata handling App.




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