Euronews is on-board news source for Eurostar

Wi-fi access to articles in web portal through personal devices

Euronews is now available for all Eurostar passengers travelling on the new fleet of trains via the free on board entertainment system.

Euronews has been selected by Eurostar as the only news service on the rail operator's web portal for passengers travelling on its new fleet of trains. Eurostar passengers departing from London, Paris and Brussels can enjoy complimentary on-board wi-fi access to articles by Euronews journalists on global and European current affairs, business and culture, in English and French. Passengers travelling on Eurostar's new fleet of trains can surf the internet and visit the web portal on their personal devices (phones, tablets, laptops).

This partnership offers Eurostar travellers access to Euronews throughout their journey. After its debut in the Business Premier lounge at Bruxelles-Midi station in 2015, Euronews has been available at the Paris-Gare du Nord station since September 2017, where the Euronews Display service shows headline stories from Europe and around the world.

Jenny Delcambre, Head of Out-of-Home Distribution: "This deal with Eurostar fits our strategy of adapting Euronews content syndication to news consumption habits, in order to meet the needs of those individuals who stay connected on the move, should they travel for business or leisure. The partnership with Eurostar gives our outlet unrivalled visibility among an audience of travellers, who also can enjoy Euronews in international airportsand hotels all over the world."




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