High-Density-Switcher for IP Production

GV K-Frame X supports any combination of SDI, IP inputs and 9 M/Es

Further expanding the line of production switchers from Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, the new GV K-Frame X Video Processing Engine builds upon the current K-Frame by providing customers the added versatility of all SDI, all IP, or mixed SDI and IP board configurations, with supposed to no loss of I/O density or production creativity when switching between these formats. The company introduced the GV K-Frame X this week at the 12th annual SVG Summit in New York City.

A solution with GV K-Frame X’s level of capability and flexibility addresses the need for both IP and SDI signal sources in a high-end performance processing engine. The new frame, which boasts both compressed via TICO and uncompressed 4K along with HDR support, continues Grass Valley’s “any frame, any panel” tradition. Customers can choose from any of the Kayenne, Karrera or GV Korona control surfaces, ensuring that any show created on any K-Frame or panel will work on the new GV K-Frame X. Additionally, this backwards compatibility applies to existing K-Frame Mix/Effect boards, making managing inventory for spares and replacements easier.

The GV K-Frame X maintains its industry leading I/O footprint with the largest I/O count (192x96), while the utilization of current K-Frame boards affords an integration into any system’s architecture. The full complement of I/O board options has been designed to support both IP and SDI (capable of 12 Gbps) connections in its 15 RU. In addition, the new chassis is supposed to deliver front-to-back plenum cooling and IP performance switchers, to ensure the new boards easily handle the potential rigors should the user choose to deploy the “X” in an all-IP environment.

“GV K-Frame X allows broadcasters to move into the IP environment without totally disrupting their creative production processes or their teams, as it requires little to no additional equipment training,” said Greg Huttie, vice president of switchers, Grass Valley. “Not only can the ‘X’ be used with any Grass Valley switcher panel, customers can also leverage our trademark platform-wide convenience—any shows created on any K-Frame switcher can be saved and shared among other switchers to maintain a broadcaster’s look and feel.”

The high-performance GV K-Frame X is the next step in support of evolving IP and UHD workflows worldwide. Grass Valley will begin shipping the new systems in December with a full manufacturing release scheduled for February 2018.





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