XT4K servers and DYVI production switchers for BNC

4K-enabled production ewipment for European and global rental market

To provide the European and global rental markets with better access to the latest 4K-enabled production equipment, broadcast service provider BNC GmbH has said to have purchased eight XT4K servers and two DYVI live production switchers from EVS.

Following the deal, which will also see the delivery of several other live production tools, BNC GmbH will deploy the live production technology for global sporting events in 2018. The new XT4K live production servers will replace the six XT3s currently available from BNC GmbH and the DYVI switchers will be the first in its inventory.

“As the industry shifts to new, higher resolutions, we wanted to make sure our live production equipment supported this migration, so the decision to deploy XT4K servers was an easy one to make,” said Enrico Ganassin, BNC GmbH’s CEO. “At the same time, the XT4K provides our customers with more 1080p channels, giving them the capacity to do more with less because they can deploy just one XT4K instead of two XT3s.

”The XT4K allows users to deliver four flexible I/O channels of uncompressed UHD-4K and natively supports both SDI and IP connectivity. Users can deploy the servers in both HD configurations as well as UHD-4K, so they can use the server to bridge the gap when shifting to higher resolution workflows.

In addition to the XT4Ks and DYVI switchers, BNC GmbH has also taken delivery of two XFile3 systems, an Epsio Paint and an Epsio FX. The XFile3 transfer engines provide users witha fast way to send files to archive workflows during live events. The Epsio Paint and Epsio FX live tools are supposed to give operators the ability to enhance live replays and highlights with graphics and telestration effects in HD and UHD.





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