Guidelines for in-car digital radio

WorldDAB publishes consumer research across Europe

WorldDAB has produced a set of guidelines for automotive manufacturers and broadcasters on how to deliver the best possible digital radio user experience. The guidelines are based on consumer research carried out in five different countries where drivers were asked to carry out simple tasks using different car radios. They are available to download from the WorldDAB website.

Quelle: WorldDAB

Developed by the WorldDAB Automotive Working Group, the guidelines are the result of collaboration between broadcasters and car manufacturers. The design guidelines are based on seven use-cases, informed by the research, to ensure the guidelines are based on the actual experience of consumers.

The research showed that drivers expect a great, simple user experience, with a radio button to access DAB easily and quickly. It also found that an A-Z station list provides the best way to search for stations, pre-sets should be easy and intuitive to set, and that terminology must be consistent and easier to understand. This formed the basis for the resulting guidelines document, which is split into seven consumer use cases.

For each of these use cases the guidelines outline design guidelines and hardware requirements or technical references where applicable. They also recommend that buttons have consistent behaviour between FM and DAB and, to ensure best performance, dual DAB tuners and a good antenna implementation are required.

“Drivers love radio, to the extent that 82% of people wouldn’t buy a car without it – so we need to make sure that the next generation of radio delivers the best possible experience to drivers,” said Laurence Harrison, Chair of the WorldDAB Automotive Group.




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