OTT Codec as alternative to HEVC

AV1 endorsed by Google, Facebook and Broadcom

With the AV1 standardisation imminent, video infrastructure providers have a new Codec option optimized for OTT services. The prospect of a royalty-free alternative to HEVC has many supporters, as stated on their own account, particularly those addressing streaming applications.

Quelle: Ateme

Initiated by the web industry and endorsed by Google,Facebook and Broadcom, AV1 has the support of both streaming andbroadcast players. Ateme’s support of AV1 is delivering following benefits, as stated on their own account:

  • Interoperable & open standard support by Video content and service providers
  • Ultra-High Video QualityState of the art coding tools enabling CDN savings
  • OPEX Friendly: 100% royalty-free

In addition to the existing and widely deployed MPEG-2, H264 and HEVC, Ateme has integrated AV1 in its pure software Titan, making it a All-Codecsolution for Converged Head-ends.

Mozilla, member of the Alliance forOpen Media (AOM), is bringing AV1playback with HTML5 to Firefox as thefirst browser to play AV1MPEG-DASH/HLS streams.




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