MediaFirst available via Amlogic’s Chipset

Integration is supposed to provide more choice and flexibility

A collaboration between Ericsson Media Solutions and Amlogic makes Ericsson’s MediaFirst middleware available via Amlogic’s chipsets.

Supported by its high performance central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU), the integration of Amlogic’s S905X chipset solution enables consumers to access content, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, across MediaFirst set-top-boxes. Operators can also provide increased choice of content, as well as boosting engagement and personalization experiences for customers.

Demonstaration at NAB Show 2018

Amlogic’s S905X chipset is operational in OTT and IPscenarios with operators worldwide. The integration with the MediaFirst middleware provides more choice and flexibility to operators. The solution will be demonstrated by Ericsson Media Solutions at NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada, from April 7-12.

It offers advanced media processing that enables operators to deliver high quality user experiences by utilizing complex HDR schemes alongside its high-performance CPU and GPU. Advanced security technologies ensure that high value content is securely managed to meet the needs of content owners worldwide. The solution is already commercially available through most MediaFirst set-top-box manufacturers. Ericsson Media Solutions’ MediaFirst TV Platform is an end-to-end media platform for the creation, management, and delivery of next-generation Pay TV. Built using cloud-based architecture, it is supposed to enable operators and content providers to deliver seamless, personalized and intuitive TV experiences to consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device.




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