Silk stocking diffusion look at NAB

True-Net Diffusion Filters in seven versions

Schneider-Kreuznach introduces an after diffusion filter, the True-Net, supposed to recreate the old silk stocking diffusion look. The True-Nets offer a choice of seven different versions.

The company stated to have developed a technique to sandwich hosiery made on the same knitting machines since the 1950s, between their hallmark crystal clear water-white optical glass. Like the company’s other professional cine filters, they are laminated, and protected from edge chipping with Schneider’s Edge Seal, which is supposed to reduce edge reflection and edge flare.  

The Series includes seven varieties. True-Net Blacks come in 3 densities, from subtle to heavy, to provide a lush old-Hollywood feel that can look romantic, elegant, or seductive. True-Net Beige, available in 2 densities, can give a warm and dreamy 1960s to ‘70s effect. The two True-Net Gray filters portray a more muted natural feel that retains contrast.




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