Joint venture to launch a new era in cinema

“Cinionic” is a brand between Barco, CFG, Appotronics and Citicpe

The previously announced strategic joint venture between Barco, China Film Co. Ltd (“CFG”), Appotronics and Citicpe introduced its company branding in the run up to CinemaCon 2018: The new company will be called “Cinionic”. The name is a combination of cinema and ionic, defined as the “coming together of forces to create energy in the Cinema industry.”

The new company will focus on a combination of cinema solutions, financing and a service model that is supposed to enables exhibitors to focus on engagement with their moviegoers while simplifying their technology and operations, as stated on the companies account.   

“In a post VPF world, it’s no longer enough to provide superb engineering and market leading products,” explains Wim Buyens, CEO of Cinionic. “Our customers are asking for more complete financial and service solutions. That’s what Cinionic, with the strength of all three JV partners, will deliver.”

Quelle: Cinionic

Barco will be the exclusive OEM partner for all projection and image processing technologies in the joint venture. ALPD will provide laser technology and retrofit solutions while CGS contributes high-quality solutions for Premium Large Format (PLF) screens. 

Cinionic officially introduced its new brand to the global cinema industry at the CinemaCon trade show that took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, 23-26 April.




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