Nagra and CBG-Nato sign partnership

Premiered at Cinemacon 2018 to promote myCinema

Nagra is working closely with movie theatre owners and the cinema buying Group-Nato, hoping to transform movie theatres into entertainment centers via myCinema.


Nagra, a Kudelski Group company, and the Cinema Buying Group-National Association of Theater Owners have signed a definitive partnership agreement. Under the agreement Nagra will bring alternative content and live event cinema to the CBG-NATO membership.

myCinema, the Nagra broadband-based solution that premiered at Cinemacon 2018, is supposed to offer a large catalog of titles both live and previously recorded content to theatre circuits of all sizes with a focus on serving the independent theater owners represented in the Cinema Buying Group-NATO.

With the announcement of a business development and marketing agreement between Nagra and the Cinema Buying Group-NATO, theatre owners in North America can contract with Nagra with the help of CBG-NATO to deploy the myCinema service into their theatres.

“In the 21st century theatres are becoming diverse and energized entertainment centers for the communities they serve,” said Bill Campbell, Managing Director of NATO’s Cinema Buying Group.

Mr. Campbell further stated, “With myCinema, theatre owners are able to offer a broad range of alternative content and live events, including live musical events, sporting events and Broadway shows, faith-based programming and independent films from around the globe, as well as unique e-sporting events and leagues.”  

Nagra announced the public launch of myCinema at Cinemacon 2018 event in Las Vegas. The service is hoping to empower cinema owners and operators to revitalize their entertainment enterprise, expand their customer base and enhance the cinema-going entertainment experience. With myCinema, owners and operators can schedule and promote music events, sporting events, opera, ballet, Broadway, first-run independent film, re-releases of some film franchises, cinematic TV, eSports and global content. myCinema is launching this year in North America.






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