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FC St. Pauli Launches Next-Generation Video Platform

Bundesliga club FC St. Pauli has launched a new online video service for fans based on “Jupiter”, the new end-to-end multiscreen sports video platform devised by TeraVolt which uses 3SS’ 3READY front end solution. 3READY at Jupiter’s front end enables broadcasters and service providers to fast-track launches of engaging branded services.

At Jupiter’s core is a custom designed data engine which dynamically captures a variety of information from the live action on the pitch to create multiple feeds of video, statistics and screen graphics which enhance the broadcast. By combining and modulating the data being generated and collected, using complex algorithms, the data engine enables viewers to benefit from individual highlights, one-click access to their favorite scenes and live on-screen analysis.

By paying a monthly subscription fee to the club, FC St. Pauli followers can enjoy live audio broadcasts of matches with live graphical simulations, on-demand searchable video archive of all matches, all games enriched with markers of match highlights and granular team data such as performance, dominance and goal probability, to name but a few.

Jupiter’s backend analyses video and the supplementary data to create a whole new sports viewing experience. The Scene Detection functionality of Jupiter, with its data capture and management capability with nimble indexing, gives the user easy access to a wide array of features during the live match. For example, the viewer can watch all highlight scenes in a sequence, they can access all video of a particular player across the season, or the viewer can select and watch all scenes involving players of a certain nationality.

Statistics being calculated and displayed via Jupiter extend far beyond just keeping score, showing a ticker, and evaluating ball possession rates. Jupiter provides individual dynamically updated ratings for each player on the field, based on position and performance. A striker gets graded on number of shots on goal from inside the box, for instance, while an offensive winger gets points for accurate crosses. With Jupiter, viewers can decide for themselves who was the most valuable player on their team, where the game was won or lost and which players were the real stars of the game.

The platform brings new kinds of KPIs and analytics to the screen. Using metadata, Jupiter creates video content. For example, the system tracks match activity to deliver comparative assessments of team ball possession, ‘dominance’ and ‘goal probability. TeraVolt and 3SS engineered real-time visualization software inside Jupiter’s video player to enable the display of relative team performance via attractive onscreen graphics.

Instant summaries can be generated every 15 minutes for speedy posting on social platforms or as a snapshot update for users. Another key feature which Jupiter enables for the FC St. Pauli deployment is live onscreen animation, showing player positions and ball trajectory which, combined with a dedicated online radio stream, supplements rolling text-based ticker information with additional dynamic visual content. This capability to create a video-like experience online makes social media sharing easy for viewers, and it will prove valuable to any sports team wishing to broadcast directly to fans, but not in possession of live TV rights.

Automation and A/B testing capabilities in 3READY will help clubs deploying Jupiter, alongside sports broadcasters and service operators, to quickly and clearly understand what new features will resonate best with viewers, empowering them to build stronger relationships with their audiences.

Announcements of further Jupiter deployments with top Bundesliga clubs are imminent, as the company stated. Meanwhile, TeraVolt and 3SS are engaged in discussions with international sports clubs as well as national sports associations and worldwide governing bodies which may see Jupiter deployed elsewhere for team-specific and sport-specific multiscreen TV offerings.


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Die Nachfrage nach ansprechendem, hochauflösendem Content und der weltweite Videokonsum sind im letzten Jahr um mehr als 60 % gestiegen. Durch das Streaming hochwertiger Filme, Serien, Animationen und Sportereignisse sind Videos zur neuen Normalität geworden und haben sich als effektivstes Medium für die Bereitstellung von Unterhaltungs- und Schulungsinhalten und zur Interaktion mit Zielgruppen etabliert.

Angesichts des großen Bedarfs und Wettbewerbs wird es höchste Zeit, sich Gedanken über den Aufbau eines flexiblen und verlässlichen Produktions-Workflows zu machen, in dem Rohdaten und fertige Inhalte auch in den Archiven jederzeit verfügbar sind und eine optimierte Zusammenarbeit der Kreativteams die Produktionszeiten beschleunigt.





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