World Cup Football in 4K for NPO

Ateme’s TITAN virtual video processing solution for NPO

Ateme announced that NPO, the Dutch national broadcaster, has selected Ateme’s TITAN virtual video processing solution to cover live World Cup Football in 4K ultra high definition.

NPO workflow can now process both Live UHD content at the lower bitrate. The bandwidth efficiency, high video quality, low latency, universality of input/output coverage and processing techniques of Atemes TITAN solution are supposed to offer NPO benefits:

  • Lower OPEX with optimized workflow: Simplified integration because of hardware abstraction.
  • Flexible and Agile Architecture: Maintenance and management enable upgrades and smooth operations

“Nowadays, video technology has matured sufficiently regarding standardizations and specifications. As a public broadcaster, we want to remain at the forefront of innovation and deliver the highest level of service and quality of the newest generation of television experience to viewers at home so they can benefit of an ultimate new experience.” said Egon Verharen, NPO R&D Manager.




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